ALBUM REVIEW: bLAck pARty “Endless Summer” ALBUM REVIEW: bLAck pARty “Endless Summer”
ALBUM REVIEW: bLAck pARty “Endless Summer”

bLAck pARty

Endless Summer


You know how a Beach Boys record makes you feel warm and nostalgic? Or how when you listen to Chaka Khan or the O’Jays, it automatically puts you in a good mood, no matter the season? There’s a similar vibe here with how it feels listening to “Endless Summer,” the second project from L.A.-based and Little Rock-bred Malik Flint — better known as bLAck pARty.

“Endless Summer” has a classic, but innovative sound blended into the modern era. When you tune in, you’ll get a sense that you’re driving down Sunset Boulevard in the middle of July. On this album, there is a strict “good vibes only” feel to it, where bLAck pARty lets us know that summer is more of a state of mind than a season.

The album is his first formal release on Childish Gambino’s production deal with RCA Records. It’s the follow-up to his excellent 2016 debut “MANGO,” which, itself had a relaxed ‘70s R&B vibe to it.

So now, with “Endless Summer,” bLAck pARty begins the festivities with an infectious, groovy track titled “No Complaints.” It goes straight into a pair of the album’s quintessential summer tracks in “July” and “Dancing.” The entire album really shines and shimmers like an afternoon sunset on the Pacific Ocean, but there are perhaps no more pair of stronger tracks than the final two tracks on the album “Home” and “Gold Coast.”

The album is brilliantly produced and packs a punch with 10 tracks that are all breezy summer anthems that are infused with addictive R&B and soul grooves.

Summer may be coming to an end, but with bLAck pARty, summer is endless.

Standout tracks: Dancing, July, Home and No Complaints

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