Shindig Q&A with Becky Adams
Becky Adams is an emerging artist from Fayetteville, Arkansas—a songwriter known for her introspective lyrics and infectious melodies. Along with her band, she creates a sound that has been described as deep and energetic; indie pop laced with soul and raw honesty. We recently caught up with Miss Adams to... Read more
The Shindig Q&A: Blaine Leeds of Upright Citizens
The Shindig Q&A with Mic Adams
Mic Adams, a Fayetteville-based rapper and Razorback fanatic, releases his debut album May 5th. This past week, Shindigmusic spoke with him about the LP and some of his upcoming plans. What has changed from your self-produced mixtape release to now releasing “Legacy”? Major changes. Let’s see. 1) Production; the... Read more