Bones Of The Earth / I. The Imminent Decline of Human Spirit
Major Urges / Cops/Ambition
FULL STREAM: Laith / Bonds
FULL STREAM: Tiny Towns / Deadweight
607 returns with a brand new Holiday EP titled “Holiday Blues,” check it out below. Read more
Little Rock’s Country Florist returns with the excellent Landfall. Stream it in full below. Landfall by Country Florist Read more
Couch Jackets keyboardist, Harry Glaeser aka Banzai Flourist, has released his solo debut. Check out nazz in full below. nazz by banzai florist   Read more
The Rios Get Groove On with New LP
Whether it’s a toe tap, a nod of the head, or a far less subtle swinging of the hips and shoulders, you can’t help but move when you hear The Rios play. The Little Rock funk/soul revivalists have a timeless sound that seems to draw its inspiration from the... Read more
Little Rock’s Dangerous Idiots return with a remastered 10th Anniversary Edition of their self-titled debut. Dangerous Idiots 10th Anniversary Remastered Edition by The Dangerous Idiots Read more
Midnight Snack by Deep Sequence Read more
Inner Party Rides Vaporwave on New Remix Collection
Fayetteville rockers, The Inner Party, have released a new remix collection titled, “Weimar Mixes One”, via Bandcamp. The collection features remixes of the DARKER album track “Weimar” by Carlton Rinehart, PZA, Terror of Evil, g. Raptor, and I C O N I C. The collection also includes three previously unreleased b-sides including “Stay Together for the... Read more
FULL STREAM: Witchsister / Good for a Girl
Stream the brand new Witchsister album “Good for a Girl” below. Good for a Girl by Witchsister Read more
Stream Yuni Wa’s “Dawn Of The Black Wings”
Stream Yuni Wa’s latest release “Dawn Of The Black Wings” below. Dawn Of The Black Wings by Yuni Wa Read more
FULL STREAM: Formals / Dirtswimming
Check out the debut full-length from Rogers psych-rockers, Formals. Dirtswimming by Formals Read more
Fiscal Spliff / Fiscal Spliff Summer 2018 B.C.
Russellville punks, Fiscal Spliff, return with their first new release since 2016’s This Too Shall Pass. Fiscal Spliff Summer 2018 B.C. by Fiscal Spliff Read more
Hear Caskets Brutal New EP “Plagues”
Caskets – Plagues EP Indie Release Shindig Rating: 7.0 Bentonville metal band, Caskets, return with another round of straight up ass kickers following their April debut. Check out the brutal new Plagues EP below. Plagues by Caskets   Read more
Listen to Tiny Towns Excellent Debut EP
Tiny Towns – Tiny Towns EP Indie Release Shindig Rating: 8.0 Tiny Towns are one of the latest upper delta bands to peak our musical interests here at Shindig. This Jonesboro band comes out swinging with irresistible charm on their self titled debut EP. Five tunes of indie pop... Read more
Whoopsi – N/A Tape Dad 2018 Shindig Rating: 6.0 Stream the debut EP from Fayetteville’s Whoopsi. Recorded by ‘Filthy’ Phil Eubanks, the EP offers a 6-song collection of lo-fi indie goodness. Check it out below.  N/A by Whoopsi   Read more
FULL ALBUM STREAM: Ghost Bones / Lipshifter
Hot Spring’s hottest musical export, Ghost Bones, have release their highly anticipated debut full-length album, Lipshifter. Lipshifter was recorded/mixed/mastered by Devin Castle and co-produced by Ghost Bones. You can stream it in all its glory below.  Lipshifter by GHOST BONES Read more
FULL ALBUM STREAM: Ten High / Self Entitled
Fayetteville’s Ten High have been a staple of the Northwest Arkansas musical underground since the release of 2014’s Libido. Their latest full-length, Self Entitled, marks a strange but wonderful turn from drunken punks to what feels at times like grunge inspired freakouts. While the pop hooks from 2016’s This... Read more