the Sea + the Sand by FYX FYX Written and Produced by: Samantha Williams and Jonathan Childs Mastered by: Cory Nelson Album Art: Kandace Parker Earle Read more
Trouble N My Blood by Yuni Wa Yuni Wa Read more
Joey Farr’s Fuggins Wheat Band / Looking Out For Dry Land
Looking out for Dry Land by Joey Farr's Fuggins Wheat Band Joey Farr’s Fuggins Wheat Band Joey Farr’s Fuggins Wheat Band – Looking out for Dry Land – 2017 Album Artwork by: Julie Norris Yell, Amanda Cooper, Marsha Martin Graphic Design by: Joey Farr Album Credits All songs written... Read more
The Squarshers / Won’t Settle Down
Won't Settle Down by The Squarshers The Squarshers Read more
Beth Ditto / Fake Sugar
Fake Sugar by Beth Ditto Beth Ditto Read more
Glen Campbell Read more
607 Read more
Shindig Premiere: Auric ‘Whitebeater’ 
Since the release of 2015’s “Empty Seas,” Fayetteville sludge metal titans Auric have become the bonafide kings of Northwest Arkansas’s burgeoning metal scene. Take a look around at any local metal or punk show and you’re bound to see more than a few hazy eyed attendees proudly sporting an Auric... Read more
National Park Radio / Old Forests
Old Forests by National Park Radio National Park Radio Read more
Better On Paper Read more
Bastard by Squatch Dweller Squatch Dweller Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jason Tedford at Wolfman Studios Read more
Mass Action “II”
II by Mass Action Mass Action Songs written by Matt Burke and Donovan Brigham. Recorded and mastered at Easthall Recording Studios. Fayetteville, AR Read more
Formals / Tooth and Claw b/w Robert
Tooth and Claw b/w Robert by Formals Formals   Read more
Jamie Lou and The Hullabaloo / Femi-Socialite
Femi-Socialite by Jamie Lou and The Hullabaloo Jamie Lou and The Hullabaloo   Read more
The Body Record Store Day 2017
RSD 2017 by The Body   Read more
Barren “Scum/Roots”
Scum/Roots by Barren   Read more
By Justin Bates Pallbearer‘s proclivity to combine profound gloom and melancholy with a primal heaviness is a recipe for success and its one they’ve mastered over the years. The band has teased us a little over the past several weeks, releasing a couple of singles in the lead-up to... Read more
Fayetteville’s Youth Pastor return with the killer track “Liquor Falling From The Sky.” Filmed at a local house party by Aaron Szabo, the track finds the band at the peak of their soulful psychedelic powers. Praze it and blaze it indeed! Read more