Current Spins: Brae Leni Current Spins: Brae Leni
Brae Leni gives us his Current Spins! Current Spins: Brae Leni

Once again Shindigmusic are asking our favorite locals what they’re currently listening too. This week, Little Rock’s Brae Leni gives us his Current Spins!

LUCKY DAYE – Painted (2018)

“Painted is in heavy rotation for several reasons. A lot of his music reminds me of Michael Jackson, and his voice is super smooth. I love the style, the lyrics are super relatable. This instrumentation is just on another level. It has soul, neo-soul, Jazz, blues, R&B and many genres in 1 album. Every song on this album is different, but they all blend. It’s so many upbeats bangers, but even the slow ballads get me going. It’s just a well put to get her production front and back. You can ride to it!” – Brae Leni

LION BABE – Cosmic Wind (2019)

“Cosmic Wind is heavy rotation because this girl reminds me of a groovy Erykah Badu. Her choice of beats for this album was epic. I love her harmonies and melodies. She keeps it simple, but displays her talent doing just that. It’s like it’s effortless, but a regular singer can’t do it! The tunes she has in here will keep you bobbing your heard. You will learn this album in a day! It’s that fun.” – Brae Leni

SIR – Chasing Summer (2019)

Chasing Summer is in heavy rotation because it’s so dam smooth. It’s straight soul, nothing flashy.. just real music and real feelings. This album is something that can take your mind to another hemisphere if you just relax and listen. I heavily relate to all the topics in the album. The production on this one was scary good.” – Brae Leni

Watch Brae Leni’s excellent video for “Make Sho” below.

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