Current Spins: Gardensnakes Current Spins: Gardensnakes
Joey Vanderslice gives us his picks! Current Spins: Gardensnakes

Once again Shindigmusic are asking our favorite locals what they’re currently listening too. This week Gardensnakes mastermind Joey Vanderslice gives us his Current Spins.

White Stripes – Self Titled (1999)

“Ive always loved Jack White’s slide guitar playing.  Something about the earlier WhiteStripes records is really amazing.  The way its recorded is so lo-fi and stripped down but it sounds massive and the energy of it is really exciting.” – Joey Vanderslice

Ty Segall – Manipulator (2014)

“This is one of my favorite albums of all time and I listen to it all the time.  Its like glam rock that melts your face off.  It has a very 70’s feel to it but Ty’s songwriting gives it unique twist.  I think this album is really interesting because it steers away from his usual sound and its a lot more refined.  The vocals are crystal clear and the drums are super tight but you still get those gritty fuzzy guitar riffs.” – Joey Vanderslice

Jay Reatard – Watch Me Fall (2009)

“I remember watching a Nardwuar interview with Jay Reatard where he’s asked ‘now that you’ve conquered punk rock whats next?’ And he responds with something like ‘next im gonna conquer indie rock’ half jokingly, but I think this album was what he was referring to.  Its got super emotional hooks in it, but it rocks just as hard as his other stuff.  He talks about not being able to get out of bed and function like a normal human being, which is pretty relatable.  Its got some really great acoustic songs on it like ‘Wounded’ and my personal favorite ‘It Aint Gonna Save Me’.” – Joey Vanderslice

Gardensnakes self-titled debut is out now! Check out “Run Away” below.

Robert Locke

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