Current Spins: Mac Murphy of M2Gallery Current Spins: Mac Murphy of M2Gallery
M2 Galleries, Mac Murphy, gives us his Current Spins! Current Spins: Mac Murphy of M2Gallery

Once again Shindigmusic are asking our favorite locals what they’re currently listening too.  This week, Mac Murphy of M2 Gallery gives us his Current Spins!

HUM – Downward is Heavenward (1998)

My favorite band and one of my favorite albums. This album has been one of my go-to albums ever since it came out. It has been my crutch for late-night studying in college, for countless road trips and now for chilling at home with my family. It’s a strong album from start to finish and my favorite songs have continually changed as my life has changed. – Mac Murphy

ILLUSIONAUT – Snow Queen (2018)

Local Arkansas band that has an amazing sound with touches of Pink Floyd and TOOL. Standouts include Take me to the Edge, Spinning Inside and Glue Trap. They also put on a badass live show, so if you have the chance, definitely go see them. – Mac Murphy

OF MONTREAL – The Sunlandic Twins (2005)

This album came out the year I met my wife and always takes me back to that time. I was late to the digital music game and remember walking the streets of Atlanta listening to this in my Discman and now flash forward to now listening to it in vinyl. This album is comfort music for me. It’s an easy listen from beginning to end. My wife and I each have the lyrics “and so begins our odyssey” tattooed on our wrists after the birth of our son. – Mac Murphy

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