Current Spins: Mike Mullins Current Spins: Mike Mullins
Current Spins: Mike Mullins

Once again, Shindigmusic is asking our favorite local musicians what they’re currently listening to. This week, Mike Mullins, of Underclaire fame and current guitarist/vocalist/leader of the muscular riff-rocking Little Rock alternative act Recognizer, gives us his Current Spins!

Check out Mike’s selections below and learn what’s on tap for Recognizer, as well as his other project, Mothwind.

Hildur Guðnadóttir — JOKER: motion picture score (2019)

“The soundtrack that Hildur Guðnadóttir has composed for “JOKER” is immaculate. The “bathroom dance scene” piece, in particular, scrapes with dread and sadness across your psyche — your chest feels tight and you feel this inexplicable urge to burst into tears. That’s what great music is supposed to do — make you feel something unexpected and change your comfort zone. I especially like that, as the piece approaches its resolve, it seems to hint at (Hans) Zimmer’s “Dark Knight Rises” main theme.” -Mike Mullins

TOOL — Fear Inoculum (2019)

“I’m still digesting this album, and it’s a masterpiece. My favorite thing about “Invincible” is the lyrics (obviously the music is TOOL at their finest). While on the first pass, the lyrics seemed underwhelming, it soon became apparent that (vocalist Maynard James Keenan) was singing about themselves! I thought that was bold and very much in line with MJK’s history of flaying personal topics open for everyone to sort through in their own way. It was probably obvious to everyone else right off the bat, but hey, I never pay attention to lyrics, initially.

… Or maybe I’m wrong and it’s about Jiu Jitsu tactics?” – Mike Mullins

Editor’s note: Check out our review of “Fear Inoculum” from September here!

My Chemical Romance — The Black Parade (2006)

“All this news about the MCR reunion had me listening to “The Black Parade” again (ah, I never really stopped, admittedly)! Anyway, “Famous Last Words” is a masterclass of a song in terms of dynamics and layering … instruments and pieces continually layer in as the song progresses, so despite it having a pop song arrangement, at its core, it never feels stale! Never understood why this band took heat from music elitists — they’re craftsmen and artists and their attention to the details paid off for them.’ – Mike Mullins

Shindigmusic: What’s next for Recognizer?

Mike Mullins: Currently, Recognizer is slated to start recording our second album with Barry Poynter in December (with hopeful release date sometime in 2020). We’re all really excited about that. I’ve recorded three albums at Poynter Recording and it’s always been a great experience working with him because you learn something new about your music or playing each time, and that’s invaluable. We’ll be posting updates and such, so follow/subscribe to us on your social media platform of choice!

Also, Mothwind (Mullins’s rock/metal side project) is kind of trying to get off the ground again right now. So, hopefully that keeps going well and we can play some shows in 2020! Stay tuned!

PHOTO CREDIT: Calvin McAllister

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