Drawing Blanks “Lover In The Sky” (Album Review) Drawing Blanks “Lover In The Sky” (Album Review)
Fayetteville's Drawing Blanks return with new EP! Drawing Blanks “Lover In The Sky” (Album Review)



Lover in the Sky



Powerful. Energetic. Triumphant. These are just a few adjectives one could use to describe the third EP from Fayetteville blues/rock outfit Drawing Blanks.

“Lover in the Sky” may be Drawing Blanks’ best work. The band are hard workers and have taken time to develop themselves as musicians and songwriters. The hard work is paying off. It’s on this EP where they really seemed to have hone their craft to create the perfect musical landscape of dirty blues-riff rockers, slow-burning, sultry ballads and sweaty head bangers.

I’m usually pretty cautious when I toss around comparisons about one band to another — because comparisons and genre tossing usually don’t do people a lot of good — but I feel compelled to do so here. DB’s work really reminds me of what you might get if you crossed up the sounds of Humble Pie, local favorite Shawn James, and Rival Sons. And I mean that in the most complimentary way possible.

The four piece, consisting of Joel Robertson (lead guitar/vocals), Sawyer Hill (rhythm guitar/vocals), Jared Guinn (bass), and Spencer Hill (drums), are skilled musicians and gifted songwriters. They create a chaotic pace that’s equal parts sense of urgency and a practice in restraint. What you get is raw and pure: dark and mystical storytelling with a hefty backbeat and a charming, heavy tone.

Highlighted by tracks like “That’s All,” “What Have I Done?” and the title track, “Lover in the Sky,” this EP has everything you want: intelligent song structures, inquisitive lyrics and a killer sound that leaves you wanting more. This is a really solid effort for the Fayetteville four piece.

Justin Bates

Justin co-founded FayetteSound in 2016 and ShindigMusic! in the summer of 2017. He is a Pearl Jam enthusiast and avid collector of music from all genres in all formats, with a particular preference for vinyl. He's the spouse of artist Stacy, of Stacy Bee Art fame.