East Hall Announces 15th Anniversary Giveaways East Hall Announces 15th Anniversary Giveaways
East Hall Announces 15th Anniversary Giveaways

This past November, East Hall Recording opened submissions for their 15th Anniversary Giveaway. The original plan was to award two-song recording packages to fifteen artists that exemplify the musical talent on display in Northwest Arkansas.

“There’s so much incredible talent in this area!” said Chris Moore, owner of East Hall Recording. “We received over 180 submissions and quickly realized there was no way we were going to be able to narrow it down to just 15 artists. So we decided to get a little crazy and up the number of winners to 48. It was still difficult to narrow it down to that!”

The winners represent a range of area musicians, from new artists to established acts. In addition to the 48 winners, everyone else who entered will receive $100 of their next session at East Hall Recording. “There are no losers,” said Moore. “There’s a lot of talk about our music scene right now. Some people think that focus groups and large sums of money are going to flow down from on high to save our scene. But a music scene has to be built from the inside out by all of us working together. We’ll be busy with these sessions for the rest of this year, but we’re trying to build a foundation for the next fifteen years of Northwest Arkansas music.”

Giveaway Winners: Albuny, Amos Cochran, Bambis, Ben Allen, Conrad Lenzmeier, Craig Gifford, Dominic Bryan Roy, Drawing Blanks, Eli Curlee-Strauss, Ella Rhodes, Ellis Ralph, Enheduana, Foggy Bobcat, FRY, Ghost Cities, Groaners, Hazemaze, Jess Harp, Jim Goza, John Charles, Judason Void, Katie Bredekamp, Keli Colvin, Kyle Enneking, Micah John, Mindless Souls, Molasses Disaster, Monk is King, Nathan Owens, Riddy Arman, Simeon Basil, Skye Pollard, Slow Beyond, Taylor Napier, Terminus, The Chads, The Devil’s Teeth, The Phlegms, The Salesman, Tiger Funeral, Tony Redman, TV Preacher, Wames, Wax Kerouac, White Mansion, Willi Carlisle, Willowack, and Witchsister.

About the Studio: East Hall Recording is a Fayetteville-based studio providing recording, mixing, and mastering services to local and regional musicians. The studio focuses on providing musicians with a comfortable and creative environment in which to work. Starting as a dorm room studio in the early 1990s, East Hall has been in official operation since January 1, 2005, and currently has multiple recording engineers working to guide musicians through the process of making their best records. For more information, please see www.easthall.com

Robert Locke

Robert co-founded FayetteSound in 2016 and ShindigMusic! in the summer of 2017. He is a singer-songwriter/musician from the Arkansas delta, avid vinyl collector, aquarium aficionado and connoisseur of all things rock 'n' roll. He currently is lead vocalist for Los Angeles based band Farmikos and co-conspirator at The Record Exchange. "Do You Remember Laughter?"