House of Songs Songwriter Summit Artist Spotlight House of Songs Songwriter Summit Artist Spotlight
House of Songs Songwriter Summit Artist Spotlight

House of Songs, the international Songwriting Non-Profit, are set to host their Americana FestSongwriter Summit Showcases in Northwest Arkansas. Featuring national and international songwriters, the Showcases will be held Saturday, September 7 at Bike Rack Brewing in Bentonville, Arkansas at 7 pm, and Sunday, September 8 at The Bearded Goat in Fayetteville, Arkansas at 7pm. Tickets are $10 and on sale now at

The Americana Fest 2019 Songwriter Summit includes Elles Bailey (UK), Judy Blank (NL), Dylan Earl (US), Jonathan Terrell (US), Jamie Freeman (UK), and Brandy Zdan (CA/US).


As well as being an international touring artist, playing sold out shows all over the world, Elles is a self confessed DIY artist and If ever there was a fine example of the Do It Yourself nature of the music business then Elles Bailey is it.

From rather humble beginnings Elles has by dint of hard work and talent smashed through and past much bigger artists and bigger industry players – not least major record labels – by taking the time and effort to really understand the brave new world that is today’s landscape, being brave, breaking rules, making a few mistakes (always part of the learning process) and just powering through obstacles and doing whatever it takes.

JUDY BLANK (Netherlands)

If blue-eyed songstress Judy Blank would tell you she grew up in some one- horse-town in Louisiana, you’d probably believe her. But nothing could be further from the truth. Hailing from Utrecht, The Netherlands, the 24-year-old singer-songwriter is not afraid fuse musical genres, influenced by her several pilgrimages across the southern United States.

From the green-eyed soul of her hit single “Mary Jane” to the jagged-edged ballad of “Tangled Up in You”, she can hit all the notes. Even living legends praise her songwriting skills; her song ‘1995’ was called a favorite by none other than Sir Elton John.

DYLAN EARL (Arkansas)

Fayetteville’s Dylan Earl released his first solo EP in August 2015 titled “Blessing In Disguise” produced by Daniel Romano in Ridgeville, Ontario. Last summer saw the release of “Yee-Haw from Arkansas” a 3 track “pop-up” EP on LA based Play Yah Records at Route 2 Recordings also in Los Angeles. A full-length studio album “New Country To Be” was released September ’17 recorded at East Hall Recording in Fayetteville was released in 2017.

His second full-length LP “Squirrel in the Garden”  was released this August on his own independent label, Fabulon Records. His past year has consisted of touring as far and wide as Los Angeles, CA to Stockholm, Sweden with his band the Reasons Why.


Jonathan Terrell is a new breed of country, pulling inspiration from dreamscapes and in depth stories from the gorgeous and gritty corners of Americana. He received international praise for his 2008 full length debut, “Trials and Stimulations.”

Terrell returned to his second album of songs and shaped them into an enchanting collection of heartbreak and redemption. He released “Past the Lights of Town” four years later, in 2015 on Candy Bang Records. He followed the release of “Past the Lights of Town” with residencies in NYC, DC and Philadelphia, a UK tour and a sold out French Tour. Jonathan is currently touring in the U.S. and finishing a new full length record set to release spring of 2019.


A testament to the quality of Jamie’s songwriting is the roster of names happy to lend themselves to his projects; most recently Jamie has co-written with some of Nashville’s finest songwriters including Angaleena Presley, Amy Speace, Ben Glover, Michael Logen and Brandy Zdan. Having led Angaleena’s UK band, the Pistol Annies singer returns the favour by duetting on his latest record. Larkin Poe, Brandy Zdan, Good Lovelies, BJ Cole, Richard Smith, Mark Chadwick and Wild Ponies have all collaborated on previous projects.

His latest album ‘Dreams About Falling’ was produced by Neilson Hubbard, who received a Grammy nomination for his work on Mary Gauthier’s ‘Rifles And Rosary Beads’.

Jamie produced the critically-acclaimed ‘Not Waving But Drowning’ and ‘Dead Stars’ (4 stars R2 Magazine) by The Self Help Group along with many other projects including Noble Jacks debut ‘What The Hammer’. A multi-instrumentalist, Jamie has played drums with Sam Outlaw and was MD for Angaleena Presley’s UK touring band. His home away from home is Nashville, where he’s been a regular visitor for almost 15 years. His network of friends and found-family there and in the UK gives him access to opportunities and collaborations that would be the envy of many, and he can’t quite believe his luck. (Although, if he says so himself; he puts the hours in.) He’s a member of the Americana Music Association UK, and works as their designer and volunteer on many projects. He puts a lot of energy into the organisation, taking a ‘high tide floats all boats’ attitude to helping his fellow musicians.

He is the brother of acting sensation Martin Freeman (The Hobbit, Sherlock) and spent time playing with late 80’s synth-popsters Frazier Chorus, led by another talented brother, Tim.

BRANDY ZDAN (Nashville)

Brandy Zdan likes being the boss. When she has a vision, she wants to be the one calling the shots. She knows how she wants a song to sound and has been making music long enough to know how to properly execute things to ensure the final product is what she had envisioned.  

Brandy Zdan also is not afraid to be vulnerable and knows no one can put out a good album by themselves. She comes into the writing and recording process with everything planned out but also lets things come naturally. This dichotomy is what’s at the heart of her sophomore solo album, Secretear.  

“When you first start making records, you think you know everything,” she admits. “You come in and you’re entitled and you don’t want to try anything because your way is the way, but it’s not. Everybody else is going to make your ideas way better, and you have to try it out.” 

The singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist put this trust into producer Teddy Morgan for her first solo album and decided to work with him again on her second — a gesture that is foreign territory for the well-seasoned musician with nearly 10 records under her belt.

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