SHINDIGMUSIC WEEKLY: September 27, 2018 – Elise Davis Returns with Cactus SHINDIGMUSIC WEEKLY: September 27, 2018 – Elise Davis Returns with Cactus
FEATURED ELISE DAVIS RETURNS WITH CACTUS Little Rock – Elise Davis doesn’t try to sugarcoat how she feels. Her music is honest, emotional and powerful.... SHINDIGMUSIC WEEKLY: September 27, 2018 – Elise Davis Returns with Cactus



Little Rock – Elise Davis doesn’t try to sugarcoat how she feels. Her music is honest, emotional and powerful. Whether the Little Rock native and now Nashville-based singer-songwriter is recalling upon previous relationships, pining for a new one, or just laying out her general outlook on life, Davis’s fresh approach to country music is exactly what the genre needs.

Davis sidesteps the preconceived mold of cookie cutter pop-country that Nashville has become accustomed to producing, and opts for a more straightforward sound of pure country that she props up with her great songwriting and rich storytelling to produce Cactus, the blissful second full-length album of her career that followed up her terrific debut, 2015’s “The Token.”

She also holds no punches. On the album’s title track, “Cactus,” she sings of being a “lover asleep in a stranger’s bed” but notes that she’s not some delicate flower to be taken for granted, and that she craves the adventure and finds comfort in flying close to the flame.

“I burn a path to your heart from the start and then run away, so if you’re looking for love then honey you should just stay away, play it safe,” she sings.

Davis takes you on a journey through her most personal moments. From experiencing the aftermath of a one night stand in the excellent lead single “Hold Me Like a Gun” to more personal experiences with heartbreak on tracks like “Man,” where she sings “everything changes when a girl sees what the word ‘man’ really means,” she isn’t afraid to give you a glimpse at her life.

But even as she reflects on past romances (some fondly and some she prefers to torch and leave in the dust) she also proves that indepence can be just as satisfying. This sentiment is detailed on the delicate track “Lone Wolf,” in which Davis proclaims during the song’s refrain that someone like her is bound to be alone and that’s perfectly fine.

Davis leaves it all out in the open, which is what makes her work on Cactus so infectious and captivating. She offers a hopeful glimpse at what country music could be and we are very much along for the ride.



Fayetteville – The JBGB voluntarily closed Wednesday after claims of sickness by customers at the Fayetteville venue/restaurant. Arkansas Department of Health officials reported that the norovirus was to blame for the over 200 illnesses reported.

JBGB vice president Matt Hamm issued the following statement:

“The Department of Health notified JBGB this afternoon that all of our customers’ illnesses were caused by a norovirus or “stomach bug” that was introduced to the restaurant by an individual and not through any improper handling or preparation of the food that we served our customers. The Department has determined that JBGB did not commit any health or food safety violation in connection with the norovirus symptoms experienced by our customers. We continue, however, to take the appropriate remedial measure of disinfecting the entire restaurant to ensure total elimination of any norovirus agents that may still be present on site. JBGB will be open tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. and has informed the Health Department of our re-opening as well as our remedial efforts taken today. We are pleased to get this matter behind us and look forward to seeing everyone soon! For further questions or comments please contact Matt Hamm at 501.499.4073/”

Ray Niblock, an attorney at Niblock Law Firm in Fayetteville, recently announced plans to file a class action lawsuit against JJ’s Beer Garden and Brewery.


Little Rock – Amasa Hines have announced the release date for their new EP titled Ivory Loving Glass. The EP is set for release October 6 and  the band will be releasing a limited edition 12″ on sea glass colored vinyl. Pre-orders are available now. Get the full track listing below.

Side A: Zatoichi // Eternal Noir

Side B: 7 // Nimbus // Someone Like Me

Written & Arranged by Amasa Hines // Recorded at Fellowship Hall Sound

Engineered by Zachariah Reeves // Mixed by Eric Blood // Mastered by Adam Straney

Original Artwork by Delta Martin


Little Rock – The Arkansas Country Music Awards have announced a new location for their 2019 event. The second annual awards will be held Monday, June 3 at the Maumelle High School Auditorium, located just outside of Little Rock. The Maumelle High School performing arts auditorium is 17,000 square feet with a seating capacity of 1,200.

Nominations will be open for the month of January 2019 for multitude of categories, ranging from the expected country categories as well inspirational and bluegrass categories. Also, venues, producers, engineers and instrumentalist categories will be present on the ballot.



Little Rock – “We’re an American Band” became Grand Funk Railroad’s first #1 single on September 29, 1973, Mark Farner’s 25th birthday. Written by Don Brewer and produced by Todd Rundgren, its huge chart success broadened Grand Funk’s appeal. It was sung by Brewer rather than Farner, who usually took lead vocals.

Brewer’s lyrics are somewhat autobiographical, detailing the band’s recent tour and their energetic live performances. In the song, the band mentions playing poker with blues legend Freddie King and stopping to party with four groupies that sneak into their hotel in Omaha, Nebraska. The lyrics also mention “sweet sweet Connie”, which is a reference to legendary Little Rock groupie “Sweet” Connie Hamzy.

“Sweet, sweet Connie, doin’ her act, She had the whole show and that’s a natural fact”

Hamzy claims her list of sexual conquests include members the Who, Led Zeppelin, the Eagles, Bad Company, the Allman Brothers Band, ZZ Top, and the Doobie Brothers.  Her alleged groupie escapades were detailed in a Cosmopolitan profile in 1974, and in 1992 she wrote a tell-all article for Penthouse.

“We’re An American Band” was ranked 99th on VH1’s 100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs.



Rogers – An icon of southern culture spanning nearly five decades, with more than 30 million albums sold during their career, the band Rolling Stone called “one of its 100 Greatest Bands of All Time,” Rock and Roll hall of famers, Lynyrd Skynyrd will bid farewell as their Last of the Street Survivors Farewell Tour hits the Arkansas Music Pavilion tomorrow night. Gates open at


Little Rock – It’s kind of a bummer knowing The Sword are about to go on an indefinite hiatus. Since storming the metal world with their 2006 debut Age of Winters, this Austin quartet have achieved cult status with a generation of metal heads with their classic 70’s metal approach. The band is set for a crushing set this Friday at The Rev Room in Little Rock. SPECIAL GUESTS Iron Tongue and Tranquillo Doors 7:30pm Show 8:30pm


Fayetteville – Welp, its here. The 19th Annual Bikes, Blues & BBQ Festival officially returned Wednesday in all its thunderous glory. Friday’s main stage is packed with perennial heavyweights such as Gary Hutchison, Vintage Pistol, Leah & The Mojo Doctors, The Nace Brothers, and headliner Jason D. Williams. Music kicks off at 3pm.  Saturday Emerg Entertainment welcomes Blues guitarist Akeem Kemp to Kingfish at 9pm.  Event Page.

Bikes, Blues & BBQ Schedule of events. FRIDAY SATURDAY


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