The Shindig Q&A with Mic Adams The Shindig Q&A with Mic Adams
Mic Adams, a Fayetteville-based rapper and Razorback fanatic, releases his debut album May 5th. This past week, Shindigmusic spoke with him about the LP... The Shindig Q&A with Mic Adams

Mic Adams, a Fayetteville-based rapper and Razorback fanatic, releases his debut album May 5th. This past week, Shindigmusic spoke with him about the LP and some of his upcoming plans.

What has changed from your self-produced mixtape release to now releasing “Legacy”?

Major changes. Let’s see.

1) Production; the mixtape involved local production on beats (some even I built). This album was produced by 4 producers whom I have built a relationship with the past 2 years, producers who have worked with major artists in the game.

2) The writing style and topic; my mixtape had a very underground “chip on my shoulder” sound. I was introducing myself to the scene and wanted to let people know “hey I’m coming for you” in a slightly aggressive, competitive way. I feel a lot of us artists start out thinking we need to take shots or make a splash by being outspoken on the mic. This album contains a more solid, smoother sound. As an artist, it takes time for you to learn and mold your sound and style. And this doesn’t mean I’ve found mine and it won’t change; it is a constant journey to grow and push yourself as an artist.

3) Artists I have featured on the album. Heavy hitters and legends like Twista, T-Pain and current billboard chatter Tory Lanez. To be associated with those names on my debut album is such a blessing

What was your process in creating “Legacy”?

It was very intense. First, I wanted to relate to my audience. Next, I wanted it to be broad, but also very cohesive. Also, I wanted it to be unique and still something people would turn up to. A lot of editing on my own with the production to make it custom, but I also wanted to show the growth from the mixtape to now an album.

You have features with some big names on the album, was that planned from the get go or did it just happen in the process of making the album?

The T-Pain and Twista collab was planned from the start. An in-state artist contacted me and offered the opportunity. The Tory Lanez feature came about halfway through the album. I was looking for another great talent to place on it, the call came, and def one I could not turn down.

What inspired your music?

A lot of personal memories and experiences, past relationships, blurry party nights, etc.

What is your goal for the “Legacy” album?

The goal for the album is to launch the music buzz past the local scene now into overseas via all digital platforms. From the promo, we will be booking many more shows (local and out of state), routing a fall tour, and then of course working on a follow-up EP to be released this fall.

What are your goals for yourself and your music for the next year?

Music has always been my passion, and in the beginning, when I started recorded and producing, I took it as a challenge to be the “next big thing” and a lot of pressure comes with that. A few years into it is when I learned to view it as a gift, a passion, and true hobby. That is when the pressure left and the true love for it grew. From there came the best music I had created yet. So, a future goal is to fully enjoy every moment and opportunity that I am blessed enough to receive from the music I love to create and build.

What was the first song to inspire your music career?

I can’t narrow to just one song. I’d have to say Eminem’s album “Encore”; the raw amazing ability he had to just express every emotion inside was so captivating to me. I grew up with a very rough childhood (abusive drug addict father), so there were so many built-up emotions that music allowed me to finally express.

How has the tie between your religion and music affected your career?

Yes, you will find some language in my music at times, but not often. I do pride myself on taking on the challenge of creating music without a negative depiction of women, drugs, and other main topics that today’s mainstream music glorifies. Do I create music that a DJ can spin at a club, or at a house party? Absolutely, but instead of choosing shallow topics and easy 4 letter filling words, I choose to be witty and tell stories with my writing and lyricism.

How has Arkansas impacted your music?

To an extent it has, being a huge Razorback fan, it’s been great to create an anthem that the local fans and teams have picked up and rocked out to.

What are some upcoming events and plans you’d like to share?

5/5 is the release date. Working on some fall tours. As of now the spring shows are finished. Nothing is set in stone yet for summer.

Do you have a message you’d like to share with your fans and our readers?

I hope they greatly enjoy the album. Be on the lookout for the date announcement for the EP this fall, and there are some great collabs
and singles in the works to be released in between!

Where can everybody find your album once it is released?

It will be on all digital platforms, going live on 5/5. Just search for “Mic Adams Legacy”.

How can fans find you on social media?

On instagram



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