Flashback: Black Oak Arkansas Plays August Jam

Watch Black Oak perform for 300,000!!!!

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Shindigmusic Weekly: September 20, 2018 – Sound Diplomacy To Evaluate NWA Music Scene
It’s been a big week for music in the natural state. From the announcement of Sound Diplomacy in NWA to new videos from Shawn James, The Inner Party, and Recognizer. Here’s the latest in music in Arkansas. FEATURED SOUND DIPLOMACY TO CONDUCT MUSICAL AUDIT ON NWA’s MUSIC ECOSYSTEM By... Read more
FLASHBACK: Black Oak Arkansas Release Debut Album
Produced by Iron Butterfly’s Lee Dorman, Black Oak Arkansas introduced their three-guitar thunderstorm and lead singer Jim “Dandy” Mangrum to the world. With songs like “Hot and Nasty,” “Lord Have Mercy on My Soul,”  and “Singin’ The Blues,” Black Oak found a cult following through incessant touring with the likes of the Allman Brothers. Released in... Read more
Released September 23 1973, “High on the Hog” was the most commercially successful album by Black Oak Arkansas. It is mainly known for its cover of the LaVern Baker song “Jim Dandy”, which reached number 25 on the Billboard Hot 100. Read more
Los Angeles based Purple Pyramid Records has reissued the self titled album from the pre-Black Oak Arkansas band “The Knowbody Else” on vinyl. Long known for releasing rare and hard-to-find progressive rock and psychedelia, Purple Pyramid has released a “Limited Edition” vinyl pressing of the “lost” studio album from southern... Read more