Tel Anorath “PITH” Tel Anorath “PITH”
Tel Anorath returns with the epic PITH! Tel Anorath “PITH”

From the wilderness of Northwestern Arkansas, Tel Anorath returns with the follow-up totheir 2018 Self-titled debut. On PITH, Tel Anorath once again pummels with their mix of fantasy Black Metal and melodic Death Metal. PLAY IT LOUD!

Check out “Blizzards At Sea” below.

Robert Locke

Robert co-founded FayetteSound in 2016 and ShindigMusic! in the summer of 2017. He is a singer-songwriter/musician from the Arkansas delta, avid vinyl collector, aquarium aficionado and connoisseur of all things rock 'n' roll. He currently is lead vocalist for Los Angeles based band Farmikos and co-conspirator at The Record Exchange. "Do You Remember Laughter?"