Will Gunselman: The Shindig Interview Will Gunselman: The Shindig Interview
Will Gunselman: The Shindig Interview

Will Gunselman is one of the most exciting up-and-coming artists to come out of northwest Arkansas in some time. His lyrics and music embrace his love of Arkansas, nature, family and storytelling. And Gunselman’s laid back, every man-style of Americana pop has a sound so comfortable and familiar that you could sandwich his songs in between some of the titans of the genre and they wouldn’t seem out of place. 

He took some time out of his busy schedule to chat with Shindigmusic via e-mail to talk about life, his music and much more. 

Make sure to check out his latest single “Buffalo River Run,” available now on all streaming formats.
Shindigmusic: Your sound is what we’ve described in the past as sensible melodies, Springsteen or Petty-like lyrical craftsmanship and a pure, unadulterated spirit of Americana. You combine that with a classic, comfortable style and an easygoing spirit. Where do you draw inspiration for your sound and style?
Will Gunselman: It’s evolved for sure. I’d say it’s a very organic thing. I’m inspired by my setting, nature, and definitely some artists that I’ve followed over the years. 
Shindigmusic: Perhaps the best thing we like about “Buffalo River Run” is how easy it is to listen to and it doesn’t try to do too much. What’s your writing process like? 
WG: Normally it’s melody driven. There is always a guitar out in the house and I enjoy piddling room to room. The lyrics somehow find their place in a melody, which has planted a seed. 


Shindigmusic: Any plans in the immediate future for an EP or a full LP?
WG: Oh man, I’m ready to do an EP. I’ve been saving up. Soon!
Shindigmusic: Do you do anything different with your music when you play solo versus with a full band?
WG: When I play solo, I can venture around and not worry about messing someone else’s part up. Playing with a band, and a band full of good buds, is an experience like no other. Both are equally satisfying. 
Shindigmusic: How has the progress been working with Bike Rack Records?
WG: These are my people. It was incredible from the beginning — from Jared Sears calling asking if I wanted to be an artist, to walking into Haxton Road Studios, and everything in between. I’ll hug everyone in that place. 
Shindigmusic: Finally, what’s the primary goal for your career heading into 2019? What are you looking forward to?
WG: I want to release an EP. I want to continue to collaborate with local musicians and hopefully get to collaborate with musicians that I’ve drawn inspiration from.
Gunselman’s craft will be on display tonight at Smoke & Barrel Tavern when he opens for one of our favorite acts, Jamie Lou & the Hullabaloo. The show begins at 10 p.m.

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