Witchsister: The Tour Diaries Witchsister: The Tour Diaries
Fayetteville punkers Witchsister recently embarked on a 15-date tour through the east and Midwest to promote their third full-length record Post Toasty. Shindigmusic reached... Witchsister: The Tour Diaries

Fayetteville punkers Witchsister recently embarked on a 15-date tour through the east and Midwest to promote their third full-length record Post Toasty. The four-member family band composed of sisters Stevie Petet (bass), Stephanie Petet (vocals), and Skylar Petet (guitar) and their cousin Kelsey Petet (drums) have been together for about five years. 

The band, who describe their sound as “a violent mixture of rock and roll, punk, metal, and a wee bit o’ prog” are one of the brightest, most creative acts in the Arkansas music scene, with each record being a more brilliant extension of their distinct sound. 

Shindigmusic reached out to the band prior to the tour, asking them to take part in our first edition of Tour Diaries, and they were kind enough to agree. Below is their dispatches from the road, written as the band described them. 


Show 1: Bubba Spins Records, Raytown, Missouri (6/7/19) – Nature boys house. Bubba’s flop house 

Kelso: I feel good, ready for the rest of it. Single serve pb is good.

Stevie: Nervous about the rest of tour.

Sky: I have a feeling I’m going to like tuna by the end of this. Had an amazing breakfast.

Stef: Glad we are staying in a house with new frands. It feels like a movie set. Looking forward to breakfast in the morning

Show 2: Dr. Jack’s Drinkery, Omaha, Nebraska (6/8/19) – Dena and Talia.

Stef: Cleanest biker bar we’ve ever been in. Never made an older man more nervous. Home cooked breakfast 

Kelso: First 3-piece all female band we’ve ever played with.

Stevie: Excited about our set every night. 

Sky: Staying with people you meet gives you a new perspective on life outside yours. Time goes slower when you’re present. 

Show 3: Gabe’s, Iowa City, Iowa (6/9/19) – Hotel stick n’ pokes 

All male lineup – In general treated with respect encountered nothing diminutive. that drummer looked like Dave Grohl. The city was like Fayetteville. Stef sang karaoke the bartender was wearing a bathrobe. Sound guy found us instead of us hunting for the sound guy. Kelsey lifted both amps. 

Show 4: Charm School. Chicago, Illinois (6/11/19)

Drug house …. In a neighborhood. Very Fayetteville. Our music seemed out of place. Everyone injured themselves somehow. Made enough to cover 2 nights of overnight parking in Chicago. Lots of female musicians. Period cups in the bathroom

Show 5: Brauer House, Lombard, Illinois (6/12/19)

A band dropped. We played with a decent sounding band that had good chemistry but didn’t watch us play. They got a party bus for all their friends to watch them play. Some of their friends threw up on the floor and on a trash can outside. We went onto play and no one watched us. The owner told the sound guy to put on vintage soft porn so the empty crowd could lust after us. Sound guy sucked. 

Sky: I can’t get a drink but I’m expected to dance

Show 6: Phoenix 5X10, Hazel Park, Michigan (6/13/19) 

Another band dropped. It was a huge art shack with local artists work. BYOB. 3rd largest D.I.Y venue in America. There was a smoking room. We stayed with Stef’s friend. He bought us breakfast. 

Show 7: The Empty Glass,  Charleston, West Virginia (6/15/19)

Lots of crack heads. Was a good nite. Pizza and jalapenos poppers. Played last at 1 a.m. Cold Fireball shots. Jesus and the groupies is good. 

We stayed at a married couple’s nice ass house, there were beds. 

A story told to us: A current radio dj that worked at cbgb in.the early 90’s put his ass hair in a bagel of some punk band’s lead singer threatening happened and then he stabbed the bar with a knife to assert his dominance over butt tooth jimmy punk. He got fired. 

Show 8: Mohawk Place, Buffalo, New York (6/17/19)

Molice were amazing. Most interesting stage presence we’ve seen so far. Someone quizzed us during the set about our album title. We saw niagara falls. Drum track band and two bassists. The toilet broke. It was cold the first night. Cool air bnb. 23 tattoos. 

Show 9: Muchmore’s, Brooklyn, New York (6/18/19)

The show was fun. People don’t move much here. The other touring band was sweet. We ended up sleeping in the van. The drive in was super foggy. It was creepy.

Show 10: The Pharmacy, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (6/19/19)

Favorite show so far. Three-tier stage set up … the people were great and really receptive. Super hot outside. A Lot of gear sharing … we got really close parking!

Show 12: The Velvet Lounge, Washington, D.C. (6/20/19)

Dad band show. Super weird club. Split between upstairs and downstairs. Got asked at least 6 times for a cig.

Show 13: Skylark Social Club, Charlotte, North Carolina (6/22/19)

Glad to be back in the south where people move around. People talk. Parking lots. Easy to find a place to stay before we even played. People are more rock n roll in the south. 

Show 14: The Cobra, Nashville, Tennessee (6/23/19)

Day after pride. DJ set. Festie world. Started raining so festies came inside. Everyone on molly. Good crowd. Comedy inside. Stayed at a nice house with ac. DJ told sky how to write a song. 


Thank you, so much, to Witchsister for taking the time! Their latest, “Post Toasty” is out now on Bandcamp, Spotify and other streaming formats.


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